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We at Rainbow Graphics would be pleased to offer you a presence on the World Wide Web (WWW). Our fees to maintain and host websites are considerably lower when compared to most Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies. We do this to enable people like you to have the chance to have your own website without sacrificing large sums of money. Our technicians and award-winning web designers are all highly trained, and can help you design the best website for your business needs!

There are billions of people online today. Online usage has grown exponentially. 9 out of every 10 sales today are from mobile customers! Today, 80% Only own a Mobile device. So it's important to have a website to tell one "Who You Are", no matter what product or service you offer! Having a professional website improves your overall impression to the public.

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To Maintain/Host Your Domain

To maintain and host a domain, your cost will depend on what you need. Packages start as low as $10 a month!

We do not charge for setup fees, bandwidth (where the owner of the domain pays for each person who visits their domain) or transfer fees, as many other companies do. We think this is wrong! You should have as many people as you want to visit your website, and with our knowledge of getting websites on top in search engines, you will be visited often and from around the world! Our monthly fee is a flat rate that includes almost everything: an Analyzer that can track who, when and where your visitors came from; counters; scripts; shopping carts; secure credit card transactions; online forms; order forms; emails; social media networks such as google plus, facebook, twitter; and more. AND the best of all, so you can continue to save, we also provide ways to help you manage your own site!

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10% Off for Non-Profit Organizations

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